Instrumental Exams – Congratulations


This year an increased number of students have opted to sit for the external AMEB instrumental exams in order to develop their instrumental skills.

Students and teachers (Ms Royle, Ms Ball and Ms Mcalister) prepared a program of pieces and technical work which was then assessed by an objective external examiner.

Congratulations to the following students:


Wilbert Wong Grade 2 Piano B+
Raras Santosa Grade 3  Piano A
Criselda Sunga Grade 3 Piano B+
Shaun Ellis Grade 1 Flute A
Rachael Woolridge Grade 1 Flute A
Cameron Anderson Grade 3 Flute A
Ann-Gaelle Gentil Grade 3 Flute A
Shannon Conroy Grade 4 Flute A
Zoe Johnson Grade 2 Clarinet B+
Monique Shaw Grade 2 Clarinet B
Nick Maddocks Grade 1 Saxophone A+
Janelle Evans Grade 1 Saxophone A+
Justin Reynolds Grade 3 Saxophone A+


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