Science Talent Search Awards 2012

Congratulations to Luke Silva and Paul Tomoiga, Year 8 students on their success in the Science Talent Search 2012 competition.    Luke and Paul were both successful in winning a major bursary at the Science Talent Search Awards Ceremony at Latrobe University on Monday, 29th October 2012.

Both students were rewarded for months of hard work in designing complex working models using science.    Luke Silva designed a Programmable Machine, connecting a keyboard to a circuit board and building his computer from scratch showing a deep understanding of binary code.  Paul designed a robot using recycled materials, which he programmed himself to write “Hello” using a robotic arm.    Both students displayed their working models at the Science Talent Search Awards function at Latrobe University on Monday, 29th October with great interest from other students, teachers, parents and academics.  The head of research at CSIRO spent a lot of time discussing Paul’s model with him and his future career prospects.

Both students were presented with a medal and a cheque as their major bursary award.  Luke and Paul voluntarily entered the talent search this year, being self motivated and keen to pursue their interest in electronics and programming.  Over 2000 entries were received this year.   With Professor Rob Sheperd of the University of Melbourne Bionics Institute giving the opening address, he inspired Luke and Paul with the application of programming and electronics in the  multidisciplinary field of science and research and the development of new products like the Bionic eye.   With many careers of Paul and Luke’s generation not having been invented yet, these boys’ understanding and application of science knowledge and skills make them poised for a promising future.

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