Students and Social Media

It has come to the school’s attention that a large proportion of students are using social media sites that encourage others to ask them questions and give comments anonymously.

This has lead to some serious harassment issues already. As a school we are advising students to not use these sites as they do not have any type of protection if they were harassed. Unless students are directly threatened Gleneagles is limited in actions it can make.

Gleneagles has a strict bullying and cyber-bullying policy and will take any case seriously and may result in the removal of computer privileges, detention or suspension.

Students should understand that threatening others using a communication device is against the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 and anyone over 10 year can be prosecuted.

If students feel they are being threatened on an anonymous comment website they should delete their account.

If any students have issues regarding social media they should follow these steps:


  • Don’t retaliate: You should not reply to any harassment online – it is what they are looking for and you may end up looking like the bully.


  • Collect Evidence: Print out or make a screen-grab of any harassment against you.


  • Block the Bully: Delete from your friends list or delete the message from the site.


  • Report It: If someone has threatened you on social media report it to your Home Group Teacher or a Team Leader.


More information about cyber safety can be found on the school’s website.


Robert Young, Cyber Safety Officer

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