Guest Speaker: Sam Bramham (OAM)

As part of the English ‘Heroes and Villains’ Unit, the Year 9 students were privileged to have Sam Bramham (OAM), a 2004 Paralympic bronze medal winner visit Gleneagles recently.   Sam Bramham spoke about his life, ambitions, achievements and his drive to succeed and help others and how different life can be for you if you have a disability.

Sam Bramham advised the students he was born with a disability;  a missing a leg.  As a child he tried all sorts of activities, trying to fit in with the other children and eventually turned to swimming.  Sam Bramham joined the Paralympic Swimming Team, trained hard and never gave up.  At the 2004 Paralympics he broke a World Record and won a Bronze Medal.

The students commented that Sam’s speech was inspirational, positive  and taught them to never give up and always do your best !

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