Immunisation – Year 7 students and Year 9 boys


The Hepatitus B vaccine will no longer be provided through school-based immunisation as most children would have had this by now.  The first round of immunisations for all Year 7 students will begin on Tuesday, April 16th (Week 1, Term 2) with the Gardasil vaccination.  Year 7 students will receive further rounds on  18th  June and  15th  October and will also receive their Chicken Pox vaccination on the June date.

Year 9 Boys will receive the HPV vaccination this year.  The dates are the same as for the Year 7 students above.

The Year 10 students will have the one immunisation on 26th  June and Consent Cards for Year 10 will be given out next Term.  This vaccination for Year 10 is a combination of ADT (Adolescent Diphtheria and Tetanus) and PERTUSSIS, with this extra component giving protection against Whooping Cough.

THE CONSENT CARDS FOR YEAR 7 WERE INCLUDED IN THEIR ENROLMENT PACK LAST YEAR  and should all be returned by now.   The Year 9 boys have only received their cards on 21st  March and need to have them returned by Monday, 25th  March.  Thank you to all those parents/guardians who have ensured the return of the Consent Cards already.  For those students who have not returned them, there are some spare cards available at the Office.

For Year 7 and 9 students, please ensure that the Consent Cards are returned, with all details filled in, to your child’s Home Group teacher.  Whether your child is or is not having the immunisation at school, please ensure that the appropriate section has been ticked and signed; that is, you have three choices for each Consent Form.

YES      Your child is to have the immunisation


NO       Your child has already received the vaccine and include the dates


NO       You choose for your child not to receive the vaccine at this time

As you can imagine, the organisation of this program takes some time.  Please ensure that I do not have to make follow up phone calls to check the whereabouts of your child’s card/s.  If you have questions about the immunisations, please consult your local doctor or contact the City of Casey, Environmental Health Unit on 9705 5200.  The same applies if your child is absent on the day of the immunisation program.   Thank you for promptly attending to this request.

Maxine Foster/Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator

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