Drum Lessons Available

Following the Year 7 Music Information Night, there are now a few positions available for students to learn the drums. Lessons are conducted once a week by an experienced teacher, Mauro Perez, who has performed with many famous musicians over the years.  Lessons are given in small groups and cost $170.00 per term (10 weeks).

This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to obtain advanced co-ordination skills while also giving the opportunity to develop their confidence by performing in ensembles throughout the year.

For further enquiries please contact Sue Schueler at the College on  Tel 9708 1319.

Trumpet and Trombone Lessons Available

Any parent who was  unable to attend the Music Information Night to register  their child’s choice of instrument should  urgently contact  Sue Schueler on  Tel 9708 1319 as lessons are about to begin.  There are still vacancies for students interested in trumpet and trombone lessons.  The cost of this program has been kept to a minimum to allow students/parents to take advantage of this great opportunity.  Entry into the Instrumental Program for Year 7 students costs $60.00 and a further $80.00 per annum if an instrument needs to be hired from the school (only brass or woodwind instruments can be hired).  Tuition on these instruments is free of charge.

Sue Schueler, Music Director

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