School Council Election 2013-2014

On behalf of the Council and the parents of Gleneagles Secondary College, I would like to acknowledge and thank Amanda Cridland and Kim McLaughlin whose term of office is about to end.  Each has shown a great deal of commitment to this school and given generously of their time and talents over the years and in various forums.  Amanda and Kim no longer have students at Gleneagles so they did not seek re-election.

Amanda served as a Councillor for Eumemmerring Secondary prior to the formation of Gleneagles Secondary College and so has been a parent representative on Council for many years.  Both Amanda and Kim were members of the Interim Gleneagles Secondary College Council and were involved in setting up the new college and its Council.

It is pleasing to have so much parent interest in being a member of the College Council that we had to hold an election.  The outcome will be officially declared at the Council Annual General Meeting on Monday, 25th March 2013 but I am pleased to announce the following parents elected for a two year term:

Parent Representatives: Paul Newton, Jeff Riley and Paul Bradley who join Jackie Keyt (our current Council President).   Paul Newton is commencing his second term on Council.

DEECD Representatives: Andrew Barker and Tammy Van Rossum (elected unopposed) will join Helena Corrigan on Council.   Andrew is commencing his second term.

The new Council will co-opt two Community Representatives at the first meeting and will also determine a process to fill a casual, one year parent representative vacancy, arising because Sue Caljouw has decided to step down from Council.  Sue has been an active and generous member of the Gleneagles Secondary Council and of course her efforts for the College PFA are exceptional.  She has been on Council since Gleneagles Secondary College  was established.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Maxine Foster for her valuable contribution to Council as a DEECD representative.  She always made a thoughtful and valued contribution to Council.  I look forward to working with the new Council as we seek to provide excellent governance and work to continually improve the opportunities for our students.


Sue Peddlesden, Principal

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