Year 7 Incursion – LOTE

On Wednesday, 13th March the Year 7 students participated in a traditional Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppet) cultural performance by Sumardi from Indonesia.   This incursion was part of the new range of activities offered in the Languages Curriculum at Gleneagles which exposes students to the targeted languages and cultures we learn at school.

Semester 1 exemplified Indonesian traditions, whilst in Semester 2 we will celebrate the German tradition of Oktoberfest.  Examining cultures through activities like this enables students to become global citizens by comparing and contrasting similarities and differences between nationalities across the globe.



Other special languages dates this year include the Year 8 restaurant excursions which take German students to The Cuckoo in Term 2.  Year 8 Indonesian students will go to the Indonesian Consulate for a Gamelan workshop and to Es Teller 77 for a traditional Indonesian meal.  Year 9 & 10 students of German have the opportunity to travel to Germany this year for four weeks at the end of Term 3.


Ms Van Rossum, Languages Co-ordinator

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