Author Samantha-Ellen Bound visits Gleneagles

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The Book Club had a special guest recently when author Samantha-Ellen Bound came to visit.  As the author of What the Raven Saw, she was able to tell us about her experiences getting a book published.

She also recalled her favourite books which she read as a teenager, many of which influenced her writing.   Members from the Book Club delighted in many shared readings.




Pictured: Mariam Albander 7F,  Hana Handukic 7F,  Nicholas Sze 7I, Abir Kezraj M18,  Nick Sowerbutts 7I, Jasmine Prato 7D,  Rhys Sgarbossa 7I,  Samantha-Ellen Bound, Rebecca Gunn M20,  Alyssa Jeffrey 7F, Elena Tsalikis 7F, Daryl Loo 9E.









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