Year 8 LOTE Indonesian Excursion

On Wednesday, 15th May the Year 8 LOTE Indonesian students spent the day learning about Indonesian culture and food in the city and Hawthorn.  First stop was the Indonesian consulate on St Kilda Road. Students met Pak Poediono who showed some traditional dance moves and talked about the great reasons to learn Indonesian.

The students were invited to join in a traditional Javanese Gamelan orchestra, where they played gongs, drums, and xylophones of varying sizes and sounds. We were all excited to meet Indonesian people and learn outside the classroom. The students enjoyed creating traditional rhythms by clapping and being part of the [traditional Javanese] orchestra.

Next stop was Nelayan, a restaurant serving traditional Indonesian dishes, in the heart of Hawthorn. On the menu were dishes like fried chicken and fish, beef rendang curry, sweet and sour potatoes and chilli chicken all served with rice. Students were given the choice of three dishes and many of them enjoyed trying out the Indonesian phrases to ask for what they wanted with great success.

Dessert was a choice between two authentic Indonesian foods,  es cendol and ketan hitam (loosely translated as rice flour pieces with coconut milk and sticky black rice pudding respectively).  Using their new knowledge of Indonesian tastes and culture, the students are this week preparing their own traditional Indonesian menus to present to the rest of the class.


By  Year 8 LOTE students   

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