Mahee Hossain, 7E, ICAS Science Award

Congratulations to Mahee Hossain 7E, a Year 7 SEAL student who has obtained the 2013 Top Score in Year 7 for Victoria in the ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) Science Test.

The test assesses students’ skills in key scientific areas such as interpreting and applying data tables and graphs, reasoning and problem solving.  The test was sat by 178 schools in Victoria with a total 8789 students completing the test, making this a remarkable achievement.

Sue Peddlesden, the Principal,  was delighted to hear the news, “I’m very excited for  Mahee.   This is an exceptional outcome for a great student.  Mahee is in our SEAL program and has the opportunity to be extended in all subjects through classwork and enhancement activities.  Winning this award on top of Justin Matthews recently winning a Premier’s Award demonstrates that Gleneagles students can reach great heights. We are very proud of the achievements of these students and many more who excel.”

Mahee is now eligible for a University of New South Wales medal.

Meagan Neil, PR Gleneagles Secondary College

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