Book Club


Book Club members created their own  amazingly captivating (and unlikely) stories by rolling Rory’s Story Cubes. Imaginations ran wild as people created the most outlandish stories.  Much laughter was heard.

Below are the Rory Story Cubes that were rolled by the students to create a story.



On a dark and dreary night, a retired detective was walking home along a deserted street, with the aid of his walking stick.  In the distance he saw a shed in the middle of a piece of land. The detective had not seen this run-down shed before, so he decided to investigate. As he got closer he discovered the shed had a key-shaped window which had been broken open. The detective peered inside and saw a maimed and skinned sheep hanging from a hook in the ceiling.  The detective was taken aback by the sight. He wanted to investigate further so he bashed the door open with his walking stick. The inside was quite old with an out-of-place pillar in the middle of the room with a childishly drawn picture of a town square after a storm.    As the detective was wondering who this shed belonged to, the light flickered off and then back on. An apple rolled out from beside the pillar and the water in the fountain in the picture turned to blood and started oozing out of the frame. The lights flickered once more.  When they came back on, the shed had vanished and the detective was never seen again.

rory's story dice

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