The following community resources may be of assistance to your family or other families you know who require some support to get through difficult times.


Reconnect is an early intervention program that aims to prevent youth homelessness that may be caused by family conflict.

The service is free of charge

Features of Reconnect:

  • Individual supports and advocacy
  • Mediation with family members
  • Helps build family relationships
  • Life skills development
  • Linking young people to education community work and support groups

The program works with young people (12-18 years) and their families.



Connections Alliance Family Counselling is a free service that provides specialised support to families affected by the alcohol or drug use of a relative or loved one.

Maintaining relationships and supporting the family unit is challenging when a family member is abusing alcohol or drugs and is possibly challenged by mental health issues.

Alliance Family Counselling aims to support families to develop or enhance their coping skills.

For further details contact Team Leader, Jerty Richardson on Tel 8792 8999.


Maxine Foster, Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator

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