Year 10 Ski Trip

On Friday, 9th August, 53 Year 10 students and 7 teachers met at school at 3.45am for a big day at the snow.  After picking up our skis and snowboards from Alzburg in Mansfield, we hit the mountain around 9.00am for a lesson with the Mt Buller instructors. A cold, wet, windy and hailing day greeted us at the top of the mountain and settled in for the whole day.  All students worked hard to master the skills, however the conditions hindered our chances.

While it was a tough day, all students need to be commended for their efforts in sticking to it and enjoying the day in the conditions we had!  A big thanks to the teachers that came on the trip in Mr Neal, Ms Tippett, Ms Evans, Mr Evans, Mrs Ferguson and Ms Turner.

Mr Leith, PE/Health


Photo 1:  Ms Evans, Monique Shaw 10I

Photo 2:  Ayria Rakiposki 10E, Sabrina Caljouw 10C, Scott Myer 10D 

Photo 3:  Ben Avdic 10G, Taylah McMahon 10I, Monique Shaw 10I, Ryan Ricardo 10A


Ski Trip #2






Ski Trip #1Ski Trip #3

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