Year 11 Legal Studies Excursion

Old Melbourne Gaol – Role Play

On Wednesday 26th June, 48 Year 11 students who are currently studying Units 1 & 2 Legal Studies, attended the Old Melbourne Gaol in the city.  We participated in an engaging Crime & Justice Experience role play.  The role play, called “I’ve killed my best mate” involved impersonating real legal roles in a criminal trial such as  judge, prosecution and defence lawyers, witnesses and barristers.  We also got to wear the appropriate legal garments including wigs and gowns.  After completing this scenario, which was based on a real life case of culpable driving, we all gained a deeper understanding of the court procedures as well as the difficult role the judge has when sentencing.  The opportunity to simply be in that courtroom where many legal matters took place many years ago was a great privilege and we all enjoyed taking part in it.


County Court – Witnessing a real criminal trial and interviewing a Judge

On Wednesday, 26th June, 48 Year 11 students who are currently studying Unit 1 and 2 Legal Studies had the wonderful opportunity of going to the County Court located in the CBD.  Firstly they were able to ask questions to a professional judge, as well as listen to some useful and educative advice from him.   The students also had the chance to attend a real criminal case where they witnessed an old innocent looking man found guilty of assaulting his neighbour with a saw and being sentenced to jail.  We heard both the prosecution and the defence trying to prove their case. This offered us a great insight into how the legal system works in trying to achieve justice.


Teodora Diaconu,  M19

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