Year 12 Physics Excursion

On Tuesday, 20th August the Year 12 Physics students attended an excursion to the Synchrotron laboratory at Clayton. Synchrotron has specialised equipment for performing experiments on the topic of Interaction of light. They run sessions catering to Unit 4 work for physics students.  Students had the opportunity to perform experiments on specialised equipment and utilise it for their SAC.

Ms. Kapadia, Physics Teacher


Photo 1: Shaun McMahon M24, Hasan Sultan M10, Fizza Arshad M13,  Esther Cheong M15, Liam Brodrick M10, Michael Keyt M24, Presenter: Jonathan de Booy, Andrew Thao M24

Photo 2: Shaun McMahon M24, Andrew Thao M24

Physics #1Physics #2


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