Year 7 Update

It is hard to believe that our little Year 7 students are fast becoming fully fledged high school students after completing a full semester with us at Gleneagles. Whilst the year has been full of many positives, we have been noticing that some of the Year 7 students have become a little bit lax with their uniform and organisation lately. As a student co-ordination team, we are determined to continue to safe guard them from forming bad habits that they will carry with them into Year 8.


Many students have been attending class without the correct equipment.  In many cases this is because they have lost items over the course of the year.  It is important that they have all of their equipment in order to keep up in class and with the tasks set. All students should be carrying a pencil-case (not just a single four-pen!) with scissors, glue-stick, ruler, highlighters and at least one red, blue and black pen.   It is crucial that students have these items as it assists with setting out work logically and helps to develop study skills that will be beneficial in later years.  We are also noticing that some students either no longer have a planner or are simply not using it for the purpose it was intended.  We encourage all parents to check their child’s planner regularly.  All Year 7 students have been instructed to record not only their homework, but also a synopsis of the work they have completed during every class providing a lot of information to readers such as parents and home group teachers.  New planners can be purchased from the Bursar’s office for $15.



The Year 7s have started mixing and matching the knitted jumper from the full school uniform with their PE uniform, and their shorts from the PE uniform with their full school uniform. This appears to have become more wide spread as we have moved into the colder months of the year. All of our classrooms are heated, and students have the option to seek refuge from the cold in the library at lunchtime, or by coming to the co-ordinators offices at recess.  Given these provisions, avoidance of the cold is not an adequate reason for the wearing of incorrect uniform.  Students who are out of uniform without a note explaining their infringement will incur either a lunch time or after school detention depending on whether they sought a uniform pass in the morning or not. If there are issues relating to the purchase or maintenance of your child’s uniform, please make the effort to contact us so that we can find a resolution to the problem together.

Kate Morris &  Matt Neal, Year 7 Team Leaders

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