District Athletics

On Friday 6th September, Gleneagles had 59 students represent the school at the District Athletics meet at Casey Fields Athletics Track.  A number of students had multiple events to compete in and were exhausted by the end of the day.  We had a lot of talent missing from the athletics team due to injuries, however, Gleneagles was still a main contender in all events and even broke a few records!

We have 23 students going on to represent the school at the Southern Metro Athletics which will be held at Knox Track on Friday, 11th October.  Congratulations to everyone who was part of the day and good luck to the following who will compete next month.


Student Event
Anna Moldovan 9F

Sanja Vranesevic 9G

Stefanie Randese 9I

Chelsea Larkin 9I


4x 100m sprint – relay,  new record

Jordan Folino 9I Javelin
Smilja Rakic 8D Javelin
Sharna Watt M04 100m sprint
Anto Andrijasevic M19 Shot put
Chris Fenton 9D 1500m, 800m, 400m sprint, all new records
Omar Elshenawy M14 Triple jump
Nathan Ferris 7F Long jump, 100m, 200m sprint
Yousef Hussain 7I

Chrystian Runga Runga 7A

Luke Slade 7H

Nathan Ferris 7F


4 x 100m sprint relay


Emma Lakiss 9A Triple jump
Rhianne McMahon 8E Triple jump
Maddie Fenton M05 Long jump and discus
Jayda McConkey 10I Long jump
Dion Elefantis 7B Shot put
Resalene Lavaka 7F Javelin
Josh Kannemeyer 10G Triple jump


Ms Turner, PE & Sports Education

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