Gleneagles students in Germany

LOTE German students and teachers from Gleneagles are currently in Germany as part of the German Exchange Program which runs from 7th  September to 10th  October.  The students attended an excursion to beautiful Heidelberg and travelled by train. The students were really amazed at how fast the trains go and they weren’t even on the speed train! In Heidelberg they visited an old castle and got to hear about its interesting history.  The castle is located on a big hill with  amazing views of Heidelberg. The students really enjoyed themselves and loved Heidelberg as it’s quite traditional with its old buildings.  Afterwards they had a big lunch in a typical German pub which the students picked and they were required to order their food in German of course. One student chose a very traditional meal, pork knuckle! The teachers are very impressed by all the students practising their German more and more every day and learning and experiencing new things.


German pic $4

German lote


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