Traffic Management

Parents are requested to be mindful of student safety before and after school in relation to traffic.

Do not let your child leave the vehicle until the car is parked safely in the kerb.  Frequently students are leaving vehicles whilst the car is on the road or at the roundabout which is very dangerous.

  • Please obey all traffic and parking signs outside the school.
  • Discuss with your child the need to use the School Crossings at all times.
  • Please do not double park in the streets outside the College when dropping off or picking up your child.
  • Do not park over the School Crossing lines, or over the  drive ways of the local residents.
  • U Turns in Reema Boulevard and Hanna Drive must be avoided at busy times.

Traffic Police have been in attendance monitoring traffic conditions and speed around the college. Parking inspectors  patrol school zones and will issue fines for non compliance of road rules and parking signs.

Your co-operation in these areas will be greatly appreciated.



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