Year 10 Parents, International Study of City Youth


Early in Term 4, Year 10 students will be involved in a study being conducted by the University of Melbourne. The International Study of Youth (ISCY) follows Year 10 students across a number of cities of the world to understand how their school experiences and achievements influence their careers and life more broadly.  The research team from the University of Melbourne is heading an international consortium of researchers to compare student pathways from school into further study and work from cities including Melbourne, Oslo, Bordeaux and Hong Kong.


The study will help answer questions like: What subjects and courses do different students take in upper secondary school and how do their choices influence what happens to them when they leave school?  Do the opportunities and outcomes for young people vary depending on the city in which they live and the way that schools and programs are organised there?   This study involves the completion of a Student Survey and also a short reading and maths Skills Test in class.  This will take two 40 minute periods.  The survey asks students about their school experiences, their views, attitudes and perceptions of the world, and their hopes and plans for future work and study.  The Skills Test is to provide a measure of literacy and numeracy skills.

Students will also asked to provide their contact details in the survey.  This is so they can be contacted by the researcher a couple of times over the next four years to ask them about how they are going, what they are doing and any changes in their plans for further study and work.  Each re-contact will involve completing a brief survey which can be done either online or over the telephone.  The surveys are strictly confidential and all contact information will be destroyed upon completion of the study.  Your child’s participation is voluntary.  They will be given the opportunity not to participate in the project if they so choose.  A decision not to participate will not affect them in any way.  They are also free to withdraw at any stage of the research.  For further information about the study, we encourage you to visit the website    If you do not  wish your son/daughter to participate,  please  contact  Ms Toth or Mr Barker.

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