Year 9 Global Leadership

On Thursday, 10th October the Year 9 Global Leadership Team, consisting of 28 students, completed their final working session on their School Action Project which aims to create awareness of child slavery and the importance of making informed choices about the purchases we make. Students worked towards finalising their project which will be run on Wednesday, 23rd October with a selected group of Year 7 students. The selected Year 7 students will engage in a poverty simulation experience run by the Year 9 Global Leadership team and report back to their Humanities classes on their experience.

On Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October, all Year 8 students participated in the Justice module as part of the Global Leadership Program presented by High Resolves. Students engaged in activities which explored the notion of justice as fairness and the extent of poverty on our planet. This module, along with Collective Identity module students participated in earlier in the year, aimed to develop students’ skills in analysing social situations without the bias of self-interest and inspired them to become more active in contributing to constructive social change. A number of Year 9, 10 and 11 students worked with these students in small groups as facilitators developing their own leadership skills.

Ms Sofra & Ms Sweet, Student Leadership

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