Year 10 – Study Sensei Seminr

On Wednesday, 16th October, the Year 10 students attended a Study Sensei Seminar. The purpose of this seminar was to help students with the studying process. As a student myself, I know the difficulties of studying. I often find myself asking, ‘How do I study? What is the right way to study?’ Elevate Education taught us how to pull out key points in texts, not just to summarise every sentence.

They explained how to note-take and organise the notes in an ideal way. They told us to use trigger words to remember our notes without writing out a full sentence and the importance of practice papers. They gave a guide to studying, and answered one of the most spoken questions by students ‘What is study?’ This program is a growing success and is extremely helpful in our future exams, and our VCE journey.

By Jazmyn Worrell 10E

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