Maths Carnival – Friday 18th October

On Friday, 18th October, 29 Year 5 students and two teachers from Mossgiel Park Primary School were invited to Gleneagles Secondary to participate in a Mathematics Games morning run by the students of 8A. The primary school students were competing in teams against each other, completing the five different sessions of pencil and paper games devised, researched and run by the students 8A. The first session involved a game of Battleships followed by Bee Hive. The use of calculators was required in the next game called Maze to ensure the winner ended up with the smallest number possible. A lovely morning tea was had by all, where the students could mingle, and continue to challenge each other to another game of Bee Hive.

In the last two sessions, the students competed in Rectangulation and Dots and Boxes. While scores were being tallied, a number of problem solving riddles were completed by the teams to add bonus points to their score. Our students demonstrated great leadership, maturity and peer support during this activity and it was wonderful to see all the students enjoy the activities especially the impromptu Chicken dance at the end. A big thank you to teachers Catherine Cavendon, Kate Hill and parent helper Judy Valk for answering our invitation and of course to the great effort of 8A who spent many weeks preparing for the event, to ensure it ran smoothly on the day. Well done.

Pam Stratford Maths Teacher


Picture #1   Farid Khoweiss 8A, Ruby Bartlett 8A, Muhammed Khan 8A with Grade 6 students

Picture #2:   Joshua Clarke 8A, with Grade 6 students

Mths #2


Maths #1

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