Access Monash Mentor Graduation Dinner

A small  select group of Year 11 and 12 students have been part of the Monash Access Mentor Program for the last two  years.  The intention is to pair up a university mentor with each VCE student to support them in their studies and career path. They have been meeting in person and in contact via email throughout the year.  The Year 12 Mentees were invited to a Graduation Dinner on Wednesday, 9th October to acknowledge their commitment to the program and to recognise their completion of Year 12.  We heard an inspirational speech from a young university student who is a volunteer working with other young people to reduce poverty.  She talked about being relentless in your pursuit of your goals, of thinking big and creatively and of finding your voice and expressing your ideas.  It was a lovely evening with an opportunity to spend time with three very capable young people who no doubt will go on to achieve great things.   Paige Thompson M01, was an apology for the night as she was attending a seminar in preparation for end of year exams.  She missed a great meal!!

Pictured:   Esther Cheong M15, Liam Brodrick M10, Jefin Mathews M06 

#2 SAMs


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