Are You Ex Navy, Army or Air Force?

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Carry On (Victoria) may be able to help you with education costs if you meet the eligibility criteria.  If you have served in the Australian Defence Forces or Allied Force and wish to apply for a Secondary Education Grant for 2014, please contact Carry On by telephoning 03 9629 2648 or email to establish and request an application form.  Carry On was formed in 1932 by a small dedicated group of ex-servicemen who saw other ex-servicemen in need and decided to help them.  Carry On (Victoria) assists Secondary School students in Years 7-12 with grants for expenses such as fees, books, uniforms, excursions etc.

For those students going on to Tertiary Education a grant may also be available.  Children whose Parent/s or legal Guardian/s have a need for financial assistance and comply with the eligibility criteria may apply.  All grants are income tested.  Applications are to be submitted by Thursday, 7th November, 2013 .

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