Year 8 Excursion to the Zoo

On Monday, 14th October over 240 Year 8 Gleneagles students travelled by buses to the Melbourne Zoo. We found it cold and wet but this made the Butterfly House a nice place to hide because it was really warm and dry. Even though we had maps in Indonesian and German we found it easy to get around. The tasks that the teachers set us were easy because we could find most of the information around us. The best part was that we weren’t doing a lot of school work and that we weren’t in a classroom all day. We really enjoyed bringing our phones or cameras because they couldn’t get confiscated off us because we were using it for our school work.

By Jared Harding 8A and Marian Ivanisevic 8A


We liked seeing all the cool animals. We liked walking around in our groups and not having the pressure of being supervised. The best part was the larger animals like elephants, lions and tigers. It was cool to meet tourists from other countries who were there, and there were great souvenirs to buy. It was good to spend time with friends from other classes, and it made schoolwork more fun. It was interesting to see the environments the animals live in.
By Ben Lehman & Josh Lehman 8J


Thanks to everyone who helped for the excursion, it was a great day despite the rain
Miss Ivory, Teacher

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