Cyber Bullying



As a College, we believe and enforce the policy that each student has a right to a safe and secure environment. We also recognise that with modern technology students are in constant communication with each other through tools such as Facebook, Instagram, xBox, Snapchat, Tumblr and many more. These sites are often not actively supervised and as such can lead to bullying behaviour. Cyber bullying is something we all need to be aware of and look to stamp out. It involves intentional and repeated cruel or hurtful behaviour that is carried out over SMS, e-mail, blogs, chatrooms, instant messaging, and social networking pages.
Some examples of cyber bullying include:

• Sending cruel and threatening messages or material;
• Putting embarrassing photos of people on the web;
• Creating fake profiles that are mean or hurtful;
• Sending unwanted messages online, teasing and making fun of others.

In some instances cyber bullying activity could be deemed illegal and lead to matters ending up before the courts.

If You Are Bullied Over The Internet Or On A Phone: –
• Tell a trusted adult such as a parent, teacher or friend and keep telling them until they help.
• Don’t respond to comments and save them as evidence.
• Block user-ids or phone numbers so they can’t contact you anymore.
• Report them to the website host so they get blocked.
• Remember, it isn’t your fault if someone is mean online; nobody should be bullied.
• You can also call the Kids Helpline for help on 1800 55 1800, or visit their website: -

If You See Someone Being Bullied: –
• Don’t join in, even if you think the comments are funny – if the comment might hurt another
person don’t join in.
• Don’t share any mean pictures or videos or spread mean gossip.
• Report bullying to someone who can help. Find a teacher or parent and tell them what is
happening. If you are scared you can write a letter and post it under their door.
• Support them. Tell them you are sorry they are being picked on.
• Put yourself in their shoes- how would you feel if that was happening to you?
• Even if the person being targeted is not a friend of yours, don’t sit back and just let
things happen-take a stand against bullying! You never know when you will need someone to help
you out!


Mr Van der Westhuizen, Cyber Safety

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