Teacher Appreciation Morning Tea

On Wednesday 13th November the Student Activity Committee held their third annual Teacher Appreciation Morning Tea to say a big thank you for all the work that teachers, teacher aides and support staff do to help students stay motivated, educated and happy during their days at school. Teachers were thanked with a decorated staff room and delicious morning tea to nibble on while they listened to a few students saying their thanks in a speech. It is obvious that the students at Gleneagles truly appreciate the time and energy their teachers put in and that was reflected in today’s celebration.

The SAC students gave the following speech:-
Leaders, mentors, educators, role models, motivators, inspirations and professors……these are just some of the words to describe teachers! As students, school is often challenging and draining but with your enthusiasm and encouragement it makes what seems like an uphill battle a lot easier with step-by-step guidance. From your sometimes daggy jokes to your homework, our lives would not be the same without you. Teachers have a demanding job on their hands, between writing reports, marking work, planning lessons and organising excursions the biggest hurdle is teaching a classroom full of teenagers! Surely that’s not always as easy as you would like it to be. The students think you do an amazing job and for that we would like to show our gratitude.

Your patience throughout the year is admirable, considering the amount of talking that we like to do. Whether it be a little Year 7 or a big Year 12 or anyone in between, every student at Gleneagles will walk away from this year with memories and stories to share with their families and friends about the fantastic year that would not have been possible without our wonderful teachers. Thank you for your endless hours of effort and hard work that makes it possible for us to have the best chance at learning. Your commitment and dedication to the students certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

Pictured: Jayda McConkey 10I, Mikayla Newton 10E, Monique Shaw 10I,  Jayme Storey M11SAC1

Pic: Dynuk Devamulla10E,  Ayria Rakiposki 10E, Miriam Fares 9I,  Jasmine Prato 7DSAC2


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