Year 9 Exams and End of Year Program

In preparation for Senior School, all Year 9 Students will complete exams in Maths, English, Humanities and Science. It is a valuable experience doing formal exams as early as possible so that by the time students are undertaking VCE they are familiar with and better prepared for the demands and rigour of exams in their final years at school. The exams are scheduled for 25th and 26th November after which the students will return to their normal timetabled classes until the Year 9 Program commences on Friday 6th December. The Year 9→10 Careers Transitions Program runs over three days, 6th, 9th and 11th December and is a combination of Year 10 preparation, helpful study skills, getting ready for work experience and a motivational speaker.

The Year 9 Program is followed by the traditional End of Year Activities Program. All Year 9 students are expected at school and to actively participate in these classes and programs. Year 9 students will not attend school on Tuesday, 10th December, due to the Orientation Day for the Year 7 Students of 2014, but are required at school on all other days.

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