Year 9 Outdoor Education Excursion

On Monday, 11th November the Year 9 Outdoor Education class participated in a surfing excursion at YCW Beach, Phillip Island. Luckily the wind was in our favour and the waves were perfect for beginners. After meeting the instructors, we began the session by observing the beach to notice the rip tides, the types of waves and discuss other possible dangers in an open water environment.

We carried our surfboards down onto the beach where the students participated in some warm up activities and games. After a lesson on the sand practicing how to stand up on the surfboard, it was time to brave the cold water and catch some waves. It was fantastic to see everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves and catching some fantastic waves. A group of students who had improved their surfing quickly were lucky enough to head out further to practice on some bigger waves out the ‘back’! Overall it was a fun day and the class learnt some great new skills!

Ms Evans, PE Teacher

Pictured: Chelsea Larkin 9I, Anna-Maria Moldovan 9F, Miss Boudreau



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