Year 9 Coasts Excursion

On Thursday, 7th November the Year 9 students travelled along the coast of Port Phillip Bay for Humanities. First stop was Edithvale Beach to gather data and investigate the facilities at the beach. Students were able to examine processes such as tidal zones, longshore drift and erosion. We then journeyed along the coast to Sandringham and Hampton Beach where students were able to see the clear impact that humans can have on a natural environment. The building up of sandbars in the marina and the construction of groynes to lessen the impact of longshore drift and stabilise the beach were the main areas of study.

The last stop was St Kilda Beach where human development and tourism were the main issues to explore. Students spent time doing surveys, looking at the change and development over time and all the facilities that are available for visitors and tourist in the area. Over the next week the classes will be using the information and data gathered to create a Fieldwork Report as an assessment piece for their Geography Coasts Unit.

Ms Neil, Humanities Teacher

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