Start to the School

It was wonderful to welcome back all our students for the start of a new school year. Students spent time with their Home Group Teacher or Mentor, attended a Year level assembly, received their timetables and lockers. By Period 3 all students were settled into class and the education program was underway.

While this was a very smooth start to the year, we have had some challenges. Termites have significantly damaged our English block. We have treated the termites and the rebuild has begun but we will be without two English classrooms for most of February. Of course, we have planned for this and students will be moved to other class rooms. The grass on the oval has not grown as expected. We have completely redeveloped the oval and it will be beautiful in about six weeks. We have welcomed the following staff to Gleneagles.

Rob Bechaz,  Technology/Art
Craig Binge,  Mathematics
Ashlee Chatfield,  PE/HR
Danielle Davies,  Art
Lesley Donnellon,  Art
Tatjana Doslo,  Maths/Science
Ilanna Furfaro,  English/Humanities
Emily Hales,  English
Fiona Minorganm,  English
Trent Ogden,  English
Amanda Rampal,  Science/Mathematics
Zohra Salehi,  Science/Mathematics
Lisa Winding,  Humanities/Commerce
Denise Graham, Integration
Julie Pretty, Integration
Suzanne Ymer, Integration

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