Being Safe On-Line

Using social media and being online is common place and a source of fun for many people. However we would like to remind all students, as well as parents and guardians, that it is also important to keep yourself safe in this environment whether it is writing to Facebook, sharing photos or playing games. Whenever and wherever you go online there are some basic safety rules you should follow regardless of whether you are connecting using your computer, tablet, mobile or games console. Always try to keep your personal information private, be careful what you accept or share online and make sure that you tell a trusted adult if things go wrong or make you feel uncomfortable. The number of online sites and apps is constantly growing and therefore making it more difficult to keep up with the different safety measures. The Australian Government Department of Communications provides a website which contains simple and easy to follow safety guidelines for a range of social networking and online gaming sites. The government have developed this in partnership with the Internet Industry Association and Australian teenagers.

Visit to find out the cyber safety features for a particular site whether it is Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, Xbox Live, Wii and many more. The website provides instructions for protecting your information, steps for reporting cyberbullying or abuse as well as other useful information about the site. In order for social media to remain fun it is important that your online experience is done safely. Therefore students, parents and guardians are encouraged to look at the safety guidelines and make the necessary profile changes and follow the advice provided.

Mr Van der Westhuizen, Cyber Safety

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