Leadership Assembly, February 2014

The whole school leadership assembly held on Thursday, 20th February 2014 was to acknowledge the appointments of all our School and House Captains and present them with badges in recognition of them being chosen as the successful applicants.  Student leaders have a significant presence in many aspects of school life, they will be seen presenting regularly at assemblies and be part of the organisation of many school activities.   They’ll have the opportunity to further develop their own leadership skills, be given the chance to experience new challenges and to see a different side of school life. 

To take the risk of applying, to put yourself out there, to be judged by your peers and adults, to try, knowing there is the risk of failing, to learn from this and then pick yourself up again, are all gutsy decisions that make for a stronger person.   Getting the position is one thing, retaining it and gaining respect from those you represent is quite another. These young people have gone through a rigorous process and been judged by their peers and teachers as being the most suitable candidate for the position.  They were selected on merit- that is, how well they wrote their applications, what they had already accomplished and been involved in and how they responded to a panel of four people during an interview. Now that they are in the position of leader they are charged with the responsibility of representing their school in all duties they perform. They will be expected to be good role models in all aspects of school life and will be judged on how well they fulfill the role in their respective areas.  

Good leaders are remembered for how they behave and what they do. Good Luck!

Sue Peddlesden, Adele Duffy, Kathie Toth & Paul Thorne

Picture 1: College Captains 2014:  Madelyn Crunden, Mikayla Newton, Sharna Watt, Monique Shaw

Picture 2:  Student Leadership 2014

 College Captains 2014

All Student Leaders 2014


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