Road Safety

The safety of students before and after school in relation to traffic around the college is a priority. Parents are asked to support the school policy and to assist with implementing some of the following strategies to eliminate traffic congestion around the college: –

Students are not to cross the road at the roundabout located on the corner of Reema Boulevard and Hanna Drive. Students are to use the supervised School Crossings.

Parents are encouraged to drop their child off/pick them up at school a few blocks away and let the child walk.  Please do not to pick up/drop off your child whilst in the flow of traffic, particularly at the roundabout. Vehicles need to be parked safely in the kerb before students leave the vehicle. Parents are reminded to discuss with their child to use one of the supervised School Crossings if they need to cross a road or to get to a pick up point.

Please do not double park in the streets outside the College, or park across the driveways of the local residents. Local parking officers patrol the area and will issue fines.

U-turns in Reema Boulevard and Hanna Drive must be avoided at busy times.

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