Settling Back into School

Going back to school after the holidays or changing/starting at a new school can be difficult. You might be really excited to get back to school, catch up with all your friends or you might be sad that days of sleeping in and having extra time on your hands are over until the next holiday. No matter what you might be feeling, here are some tips that can help you get back into the right headspace for returning to school and get you motivated for the rest of the school year.

Returning to School
You’re not alone – it’s likely other people have similar feelings to you and may be struggling to settle back in.

Set yourself some goals – These might be school related – for example, to get good marks in English and Maths and/or more personal goals, for example, to get your driver’s licence or take up a hobby.
Get involved – A good way to get back into things at school is to become involved in activities that interest you. This could include sport, music or drama.
Have something to look forward to – plan ahead so that you have something to look forward to. You may want to plan to catch up with friends after school or do something special over the weekend. And there are always next holidays to look forward to!

Starting at Gleneagles Secondary College
Check out the Starting at a new school fact sheet at: which includes information on coping with change and making friends.

Getting Help
If you find that you are not coping it may be helpful to talk to someone about how you are feeling. This may be a trusted friend, family member or other adult. Sometimes talking to someone who is not so close to the situation can help – they may be able to give you a different perspective on things and have other suggestions for dealing with situations.

There are many people at school who are here to help you, including:
Teachers, Homegroup Teachers, Team Leaders, Sub-School Leaders, Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator (Maxine Foster), the Adolescent Health Nurse (Anne Clancy) or the Social Worker (Laura Wilks) and we have a range of other supports from within the community that we can access for you or refer you to for assistance if required. Anne is here on Tuesdays and Fridays and Laura is here on Mondays and Thursdays. They share an office in the new building at the end of the H Block. If you would prefer to talk to someone anonymously you can call Kids Help Line 1800 55 1800 (free call) 24 hours a day 7 days a week or visit their website at: –
(Source: Reachout factsheet ‘Going back to school after the holidays’)

Anne Clancy, Adolescent Health Nurse, Wellbeing Team

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