Gleneagles “Walking Bus” Friday 21st March 2014

Last Friday morning over 300 students and a number of teachers began their morning by joining in a ‘walking bus’ as a means of getting to school.  It wasn’t just for fun, although everyone involved enjoyed the trek as they made their way from Singleton Reserve at 7.30am and gradually picked up more participants at the Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre, McDonald’s and Barry Simon Reserve before walking stridently up through the school grounds and arriving at The Shed, many in the colours of unity (orange) and anti-violence (blue).

Friday, 21st March was the National Day of Action Against  Bullying and Violence and became our day to highlight the importance of working together and supporting each other.  The day was chosen to act as a launching pad for the work that will continue to be done throughout the year in class and in broader school activities to promote the anti-bullying/anti-violence message.  It was truly a wonderful sight to see so many of our students looking so proud and positive about what they had just achieved!  They were then each treated to a tasty toasted cheese sandwich, an apple and a bottle of water.  They had certainly worked up an appetite and there were no leftovers!

 Ms. Hamilton and a group of her students had decorated a magnificent banner and all participants were given the opportunity to sign it and receive a Participation Certificate.  They all took part in a pledge ‘I pledge not to be a bully or be a bystander to bullying of any kind’ and perhaps the event can be summed up by the words recalled by Ms Peddlesden when she addressed the gathering, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing”. 

These young people are to be commended on their actions that day and we look forward to their on-going commitment to their pledge which has the power to be very influential amongst their peers.  Thanks to all the organisers and staff and students who helped make this a memorable occasion.


Maxine Foster, Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator  (on behalf of the Wellbeing Team)

Pictured:  Amy MacDonald 7A,   Emma MacDonald 8D, Jasmine Prato 8D,  Christian Cairns 7L,  Josh Bell 7I   and   Jarryd Maher 9F

walking bus

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