Social Worker at Gleneagles

Since February  2013 we have been fortunate to have the services of Laura Wilks, a Social Worker employed two days a week under The National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.    Laura has been working as part of our Wellbeing Team to support individual students and has developed and co-facilitated a number of small group programs. At the time of funding, we could elect to choose to employ a chaplain or someone with a wellbeing background.  We chose the latter as we believe this is the best choice for our school.  We further determined to employ someone with social work qualifications as we needed to be assured that the prospective worker had qualifications that would lend themselves to understanding and working with our students.  We didn’t need someone to just listen to students; we needed someone who had a strong theoretical basis upon which to make informed decisions about how to proceed.  We are very fortunate to have Laura on our team but also wondering if any of you, as parents/guardians would like to provide feedback on this service, comment on your support of this initiative or give feedback about how Laura may have supported your child. 

Please contact Maxine Foster, Student Wellbeing Coordinator on Tel 9708 1319 or email at:   

This feedback will assist us in our annual community consultation requirements but also provide practical support that we can utilise to review our work.

Maxine Foster, Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator

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