Student Activities Committee (SAC) News

Student Activities Committee Deputy Captain 2014

Recently, many SAC members plucked up the courage to apply for the position of SAC Deputy Captain. All applicants completed a detailed application process and at our weekly SAC meeting, gave a speech to the rest of the committee about themselves and their vision for SAC. All applicants spoke incredibly well and passionately presented a number of ideas they would like to see SAC implement this year.

Congratulations to everyone who applied for Deputy Captain, we look forward to seeing so many enthusiastic, young leaders on the SAC Committee this year!  Congratulations to Fatima Mozzaffari 8C, who was elected SAC Deputy Captain 2014 on the day. Fatima will be formerly congratulated and presented with her badge soon.

Students Go Quackers For SAC Swimming Activities

The Gleneagles Swimming Sports this year not only hosted traditional swimming carnival events but a number of other entertaining activities thanks to the Student Activities Committee.  Rubber ducks, beach balls, noodles and a large number of students crammed in to the smaller pools on the day, to have some fun with friends, get involved in the swimming carnival and earn house points. It was wonderful to see so many students eager to participate in the alternative events and earn as many House points for their Houses as possible.

Well done to the Student Activities Committee members who both helped to organise and run the events on the day and a big thank you to all who got involved!

swim #3

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