World Challenge Expedition to Thailand

This year 14 Gleneagles students will embark on a World Challenge expedition to Thailand for two weeks at the end of September, following on from a successful World Challenge expedition in 2012. The expedition, along with the fund raising and preparation work, provides student with opportunities to develop valuable life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and communication. When they are overseas the students will undertake a self-directed project helping with some building and educational support in a local Thai community.  Students have to raise the funds for the project as well as the cost of their trip.

To help raise funds for this worthy cause, teachers have donated their time, and a bit of their dignity, by taking part in a sponge throwing competition at lunch time on Thursday, 20th March.  Students lined up in droves for an opportunity to enact a little revenge by tossing wet sponges at some of their favourite teachers.  To date, the World Challenge Team have had a Valentine’s Day sale, running a lolly jar competition and have plans for other activities including a Trivia night in June, various BBQs, pizza days and more. As you can imagine this involves lots of work and the students would appreciate any support they can get whether it is attending the trivia night, buying something at one of their fund raiser activities or donation of fund raising prizes.

Ms Ryder & Mr Van der Westhuizen

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