ChefMaster Challenge, May 2014

n Friday 23rd May, the Year 10 Hospitality class took part in a ChefMaster Challenge. This Challenge was run by the Nutrition and Dietetics department of Monash University. Groups of three students were given a recipe for a two course meal which they had to prepare in 90 minutes. All groups successfully produced high quality food. The winning group were selected on their food preparation skills and also the presentation and taste of their meal.  The winning group of students, Annalise Barry, Rhys Bell and Naomi Blakeley will now attend the final ChefMaster Challenge at Monash Base facility in August.  These students will work in a commercial kitchen and will be competing against five other schools.  All students who participated were fully engaged in this activity and gained a lot from this experience.

Jenny  McHarg, Food Technology


Pictured: Annalise Barry 10I, Marya Ashoor 10H, Chloe Potter 10I, Emily (Monash),  Laura Tirlea (Monash), Rachel (Monash),  Ms McHarg, Rhys Bell 10B, Naomi Blakeley 10G, Jaimee Vollmer 10B, Anna-Maria Moldovan 10A


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