SEAL Students, Europe Trip


6TH   to  26th  APRIL 2014

On 6th April, 19 students from SEAL, ranging from Year 9 to 11, along with Ms Casley and Mr Barker, embarked on a journey of a lifetime to Europe.  After 22  treacherous hours by plane we landed at our first destination, London. Whilst in London we visited many amazing historical tourist attractions including the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Museum of London, Warwick Castle and Hampton Court Palace. After going back in time, we boarded an hour flight to Germany.

The quiet train ride from Munich to Nuremberg was filled with card games and lollies, and the scenic view of the countryside out the window lifted spirits and allowed for some very tired travellers to become ecstatic about the week ahead.

We spent our time in Germany learning about its history, admiring the picturesque landscapes and devouring pretzels. After one week, we reluctantly left Germany and boarded another train to Paris.

When we arrived in Paris, everyone was tired yet excited for the week ahead. We learnt more about Paris through boat cruises, bus tours and walking tours of the beautiful city whilst we admired the stunning views and architecture. It truly was an unbelievable experience that we’ll take with us for the rest of our lives.


Article by: Miriam Fares 10E, Jarrod O’Donnell 10E, Rachael Woolridge 10E


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