Friendship Fashion Parade

A hugely successful night was had on Monday, 16th June 2014 when the Year 9 Student Leadership group delivered a spectacular fashion parade. The stage was all aglow with lighting provided by Tim Riley and Craig Barry. We also discovered the hidden talents of the staff and students as they strutted their stuff on the catwalk. Thanks to Mr Currie, Mr Bowen, Ms Reynolds, Ms Furfaro, Ms Duffy, Ms Ritchie, Ms Turner, Anju Anand 11D, Simran Prakash 11A, Jessique Lebon 11C, Jemy John 11D, Hakima Ali 9A and Zahra Sayedi 9A who looked like professionals.  Even the students from Thomas Mitchell Primary School looked every inch the part too. When people turned up they heard the beautiful sound of music provided by Sue Schueller, Mark Dipnall and Paul Dunn.  We appreciate the support of those who sponsored us, donated items for our raffles and silent auction and helped on the night.  No-one went home empty handed as they all received a show bag full of goodies.

Over $2,500 was raised for our friendship school in East Timor. It was good to see the President of the Friends of Ermera, Jan Trezise, and the Deputy Mayor of the City of Casey, Amanda Stapledon as well as shopkeepers from the local community. It was a night of fashion and flair.  Thanks to the Leadership group especially Saif Al-Musawi 9I, Jesse Chagar 9B, Kyle Contencin 9H, David Emmanuel 9A, Lisa Li 9I, Jarryd Maher 9F, Jessica Rodrigues 9I, Abbey Smith 9E and Soumya Sunil 9G who turned on a valiant effort preparing for or managing the night. Thanks also to the many volunteer parents and friends who assisted us, especially Dee Taylor, Jamel Kaur and her husband Andrew for providing the supper on the night.  Further details and pictures will feature in next week’s Newsletter.

Lynne Moller, Library Co-ordinator



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