Building on Knowledge

In Science this Term we are trying to create a ‘Book Igloo’. A book igloo is an igloo made entirely of books, all different shapes, sizes and weights. We first discovered the original creation online and we thought of recreating it to see if it was real or just photo shopped. We made our first attempt on Tuesday, 12th August. We were not necessarily trying to recreate the whole igloo rather to test and try out techniques for the real shot. On Thursday 14th August we started to make our official ‘Book Igloo’. We started off by sorting all the books we had been supplied into groups based on the size and width of them. Then, starting with the large, thin textbooks, our structure began to take its form. We then continued going up at a lean to form the shape with the books becoming smaller gradually. Over time the structure was in full action resembling the original design, but smaller.

We were given a time limit of two periods to try and get as far as possible throughout the final creation. By almost the end of the second period the igloo was roughly 85cm tall and in 190cm in width. It could fit three people sitting down comfortably. There were approximately 500-600 books used in total. We were all very proud of what we had created in this short time limit and we are hoping to be able to finish it off next week. It will be on display in the library soon.

Article by Paige Hillier 8E & Petria Nand 8E




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