German Poetry Competition 2014



Congratulations to the following students who participated in the regional level of the German Poetry Competition, held at Mentone Girls’ Grammar on Wednesday, 30th July: –

Andrew Duncan 7E, Sarah Ghassali 7A, Arushi Gupta 7E,  Kameron Lai 7E, Anthony Mao 7E,  Rachel MasQuiren 7E, Riley Siwes 7E,  Lisa Li 9I, Jessica Rodriques 9I

Congratulations to Jessica Rodrigues 9I, Lisa Li 9I, Riley Siwes 7E, Anthony Mao 7E, Rachel MasQuiren 7E, and Sarah Ghassali 7A for making it to the regionals.

Learning and memorizing a poem in a foreign language takes a lot of time and practice, as well as courage to present it in front of a lot of people. By taking part in this competition, students improved on their pronunciation, intonation, as well as learned new words and phrases in German. It was also a great opportunity to practice public speaking, which is an important skill for the future. Gut gemacht!

Ms Rajamäki, German Teacher, LOTE Domain Leader






Pictured: Anthony Mao 7E, Riley Siwes 7E, Rachel MasQuiren 7E, Sarah Ghassali 7A, Lisa Li 9I, Jessica Rodriques 9I


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