Intercultural Understanding



Gleneagles Secondary College hosted an Intercultural Understanding Program on Monday, 28th July 2014. It was attended by 16 students (between Year 6 and 8) and five staff of Baden Powell College, Tarniet Campus and 22 Year 8 students from Ms Van Rossum’s Indonesian class who were accompanied by Ms Toth and Mrs Riley.  Aboriginal youngster, Djarrin Blow started the morning with a smoking ceremony in acknowledgement to the ancestors, past, present and future of this land, creating sacred space and a sense of welcome and belonging for all the participants. After a short introduction the students were divided into four small groups and each group rotated through the various facilitated sessions. Djarrin Blow shared cultural experiences and traditions of the first nation people. The students got to hear, touch, feel and understand more about Aboriginal culture. Claire Ruby James presented an interactive session with the participants on racism and bullying. They experienced what it felt like to be on the receiving end of bullying and steps they could take to help someone in this situation. They then went on a world music journey with Josh Bennett showing them instruments such as a sitar and having them interact with sounds and beats from around the world.
Jamel Kaur discussed what culture meant, what it meant to be Australian and the importance of cultural understanding. Various topics were touched upon including the importance of being part of a community, respecting one another and being responsible for yourself and things around you. In the feedback session the participants recognised that no matter what you do as a career path, whether it be teaching, nursing, plumbing, or running your own business, you will be much better off with cultural understanding, to accept and respect one another, to work on attributes and values like respect, communication, compassion, understanding, acceptance, service etc. All participants and staff finished the two and a half hour workshop by sharing in a vegetarian meal.   We would like to thank Jamel Kaur for her assistance in organising this workshop.

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Pictured: Aboriginal youngster, Djarrin Blow started the morning with a smoking ceremony

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Pictured:  Presenters, students, staff from Gleneagles Secondary College and Baden Powell College

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