New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

Gleneagles Secondary College puts a great emphasis on ensuring our students have access to appropriate ICT devices, software and learning opportunities to develop the skills they will need in the 21st century. Gleneagles Secondary College is one of 70 schools in Victoria, selected to participate in a four year global research initiative called New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (pedagogies, is simply an education term meaning the method and practice of teaching). This is a very exciting opportunity that is sure to benefit our teaching and learning program in a variety of ways. Australian schools, alongside schools in seven other countries, supported by major international ICT players such as Microsoft, will embark on this exciting journey. The purpose of the initiative is “to mobilise and foster new pedagogies for deeper learning in school and leverage the power of digital technologies”.


Unfortunately the Federal Government initiative that saw every Year 10-12 student being provided with a netbook at no cost has ended. The school will no longer have the funds to purchase devices for students. The school has been investigating the best options for the future. A team has researched best practice in other schools, sought advice from the DEECD, met with their experts in the field and met with major IT providers. We have consulted with staff and students and will shortly seek feedback from parents through the PFA. We are very mindful that we need to ensure our students have access to an appropriate device at an affordable price. We are in the process of balancing all of the complex issues: which devices we can support, how to provide access to education software (and the associated licence fee implications), what costs can be met by the school (particularly in terms of IT infrastructure), costs that will need to be met by the parent and leasing options, to name but a few.  In a perfect world, we could provide at no cost devices to all students but the school simply does not have the financial resources to do so. We seek to come up with the best option that will meet the needs of the majority of our students, with as few compromises as possible. Moving forward, we will need a partnership between the school and families to ensure our students are able to access current technology as an integral tool in their learning program. If you have any questions about our future ICT directions, please email the college at or telephone the College on Tel 9708 1319. Further details about this initiative will be published in upcoming newsletters and on our website.


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