Year 8 Boys Soccer Team

Following an excellent result from the Interschool competition the Year 8 Boys Soccer Team went into the SMR finals confident of performing well. The conditions at Kingston Heath Soccer Complex were very windy and the boys struggled to score in the first game and finished with a drawn result. Not to be deterred the boys won their next game convincingly to top the group and reach the final against Dandenong. In an outstanding display the boys raced to a 3 goal lead at half time eventually winning the SMR Final with a score of 3-1. The players worked well as a team throughout the day with all players making valuable contributions to the result. All players are to be congratulated on an outstanding achievement. They also received an acknowledgement from the organisers of how well they behaved throughout the day and the sportsmanship demonstrated.

Mr Van der Westhuizen, IT, Maths, Cyber Safety, Coach

y8 soccer












Pictured: Mr Van der Westhuizen, Mohammad Qasimi 8A, Saydaal Amoniar 8C, James Harry 8E, Ronith Koshy 8E, Nathan Ferris 8F, Rahmi Kardes 8F, Reshad Nahimzada 8F,Walid Rahimi 8G, Navneet Sujith Kumar 8G, Lachlan McCaig 8H, Ebad Anaki 8J, Aabed Anaki 8L, Solainman Mohammad 8L, Samuel Brancea 8M, David Grigoruta 8M, Isa Sula 8M



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