Neil Hall-Oakley 08/03/1998 to 06/09/2012


08/03/1998 TO 06/09/2012

Saturday 6th September marks a sad day for the Gleneagles community. Two years ago we lost a boy who gave his all to the Gleneagles Secondary College program. Neil Hall-Oakley was an energetic and enthusiastic student that loved his Carlton Footy team. He was always involved in the College extra-curricula programs being a member of the SAC Committee, regularly attending Homework and Breakfast Club Programs and helping out at fundraising efforts like the ‘5 cent drive’ (pictured).

The second anniversary of his passing provides students an opportunity to reflect on your contribution to your school. The programs we offer are aimed at all different types of students and cater for a diverse range of interests. Using Neil as your inspiration, try to involve yourself in as many programs as you can. May we never forget Neil’s bubbly and energetic personality!

Mr Leith, Year 8 Team Leader

Pictured: Neil Hall-Oakley, Mr Leith, Ben Lehman, Josh Lehman



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